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Keto Nutrition

Immune System & Gut Support Stack

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The Immune System & Gut Support Stack contains the following Imsyser products:

  • Immune System Stabilizer
  • Intestinal Cleanse Powder
  • Pre & Pro-Biotic Liquid

Immune System Stabiliser

This whole-food supplement was specifically designed for modern day Auto-Immune Diseases where the true value of this amazing unique supplement lies in the value add of a daily internal cellular detox to re-establish internal cellular balancing, whilst simultaneously supplying all the essential wholefood nutrition needed for optimal Immunity in all Immune compromised patients.

The Immune System Stabilizer tablets are not just for people suffering from diseases, Imsyser can also be used as a beneficial food supplement or as part of a healthy nutritional program.

Usage Directions:

  • Adults take 4 tablets daily.
  • Children take ½ dose of adults.
  • Chronic cases usually start by taking up to 6 tablets daily till symptoms are relieved and then reduce intake to 4 /day and maintain as supplement. Children follow suit with ½ doses.

Intestinal Cleanse Powder

This product is formulated to assist in softening and eliminating of this impacted intestinal mucous layer, assisting in stabilizing the immune system, assisting in detoxing the intestines and assisting in balancing your metabolism, as effective cleansing is initiated. The various 100 % natural herbs assist in the dissolving of this toxic layer and neutralising of the toxic release as this layer is broken down. Slippery Elm assists in the easy gentle movement out of the body.

Usage Directions:

This is a 7-day detox program (may also be used daily for continuous usage or until results are achieved without gut changing habits); used 2 x daily on an empty stomach before or an hour after meals. Best taken as quickly as possible BEFORE bulking occurs and followed through with at least 1-2 glasses of water.

Add 2 heaped Tablespoons of powder to a little juice (1/3 glass) and a tall glass of water, stir quickly, and drink quickly BEFORE thickening may result. If such does happen, add more water and continue drinking till all product is taken in. Tasteless in flavour.

Pre & Pro-Biotic Liquid

Imsyser’s' Fermented Liquid Microbial Probiotic Product contains 12 strains of nature’s most natural form of pre- & pro-biotics, and multiple classes of live bacteria, including synbiotics, maintain this natural synergy, and postbiotics to ensure diverse interactive release of digestive enzymes as mimicked in the gut.

Usage Directions:

Children drink ½ prescribed dose but on average 1-2 Tablespoons; 1 / 2 daily depending on the severity of the problem or as prescribed by the health practitioner.


Do not use these products if pregnant or nursing. Consult a medical doctor before starting a diet or exercise program.  These statements have not been evaluated by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority or Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.