NEW Keto MiGONE Migraine Relief 40 Capsules

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Keto MiGone is an exogenous ketone supplement and electrolyte formulation.

Fast relief from Migraines – Relief starting at 15 minutes has been experienced in most cases
– Non-drowsy formulation – Can be taken day or night
– Used daily to prevent the onset of headaches and migraines Non-stimulant
– No addiction or pharmaceutical drug side effects
– Easy and safe to use

The latest research establishing the amazing positive benefits of BHB Ketones (exogenous ketones) in the relief of migraines

Usage Instructions:

Daily Dosage 4 Capsules ( 3 gms BHB) 
Serving Directions Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 Capsules in the afternoon ( 6 hours later) 1 hour before  a meal daily and an additional serving if the feeling of migraines appear.
Alternatively allign serving with the typical time of day when Migraines often appear.

BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) Sodium, Magnesium Malate, Inulin, Translucent V-cap ( veggie capsule), Haal, Kosher, non-GMO, gluten free)

Allergens: None

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

This product has not been evaluated by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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