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LifeMatrix MCT Powder - Chocolate Flavour (350g)

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If you’re bulletproofing your coffee and/or going the KETO route, then the ultimate ketogenic fat is MCT oil. And Lifematrix’s Pure MCT Oil is a leading KETO oil on the market, helping thousands of people convert their energy needs from carbs to good fats.

Now there’s Lifematrix MCT Powder with all the benefits of medium chain fats but without any oily taste or texture. It’s instant KETO-energy. Just add water or scoop some into your shake/smoothie or add to coffee like a powdered creamer.

MCTs not only help burn fat, they also increase satiety (feeling of fullness) and give you an energy boost. They’re never stored by the body as fat.

Lifematrix MCT Powder has all the benefits of medium chain fats (extracted from coconut and palm kernel oils) but without any oily taste or texture. It is instant KETO-energy with one scoop providing 13g of MCTs. It’s pleasant-tasting and blends easily.


MCT (Medium chain Triglyceride) oil: 60% Caprylic (C8), 40% Capric (C10), Sodium caseinate, Glucose syrup, Citric Acid

Suggested use:

- Add two scoops to a glass and top up with water/milk, stirring briskly. Or add to a shake/smoothie


Contains casein (milk protein)