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Keto Club


We will support you as an athlete in the way of:

  • Discounted product,
  • Nutritional support,
  • Advice & training
  • Streetwear kit
  • Performance incentives.

In addition we offer the opportunity to earn store credit through the referral sales. As a brand ambassador we would give you a code that people in your network would use to get a discount for them and at the same time generate a credit for you. With just a few people using your code on a regular basis you should soon be able to get all your product for free. 

We are constantly working on ways to work closely with our ambassadors and offer support to ensure that can maximise their own training and racing, and thereby encourage others to see for themselves the significant health and performance benefits experienced when understanding and committing to a Keto lifestyle. 

Our MD Justin Strout has been in the nutrition industry for seventeen years and specifically in the Low Carb arena for six years. As a certified Primal Health Coach, Personal Trainer and nutritionist he is always happy and willing to assist ambassadors to fine tune their daily nutrition, work on training and race nutrition and aligning physical training with nutrition, to get the very best possible results! 

As a brand we are focused of the continual education and introduction of the lifestyle, performance and health benefits experienced by athletes around the world. The introduction of the Ambassador program is our way to encourage this expansion and support the athletes that have trusted Keto Nutritionas their nutritional support in training and racing.
As nutrition is the pillar of success or failure in any given sport this is a responsibility we take seriously and will continue to grow and increase the range, to positively impact athlete’s performance through quality and innovation.  

The Keto Nutrition Ambassador program is geared towards athletes who are focused on improving performance through Keto principles and grow the awareness of the Low carb benefits and the Keto Nutrition Brands and products. 

We have allocated limited slots on a one year basis, based of the mutual agreement from you the Athlete and Keto Nutrition to achieve certain goals in support of each other. 


Yeah, we do need you to work for it  Just a little…

Brand and Online Expectations

Min 1 weekly update to either Social media, Facebook or Instagram or event specific updates, behind the scenes pics or video etc. 
Use of your online network to promote and introduce Keto Nutrition to other athletes.
Use of specific network Discount Code to be shared with your database and followers to purchase online and receive a discount.  

Image/Face Use in Advertising/Marketing

Athletes can submit ongoing images to our marketing team for use on Website and formal branding opportunities. 
Athletes to submit short sporting Bio to create an athlete profile for social media. 

Keto Philosophy and products

The Athlete commits to engaging in conversations with their fan base and other Athletes in a positive manner about the Keto Nutrition Brands and philosophy. The Athlete commits to flowing following in the nutritional philosophy of Keto Nutrition and remaining reasonably educated on the products and philosophy.
Keto Nutrition commits to providing ongoing support and information as well as personal nutritional support if requested at all times. 


Endorsement and Product Support    

  • Product support: A 15% Product discount on all products, redeemed online with Athlete code.
  • Performance voucher: A online credit voucher of 1st R500 ,2nd R300 and 3rd R200 can be earned each month for your outstanding sporting achievement to purchase KETO products.  You are  able to receive a once a month voucher by posting and tagging Keto in your podium pics wearing Keto kit, T-shirt, cap or other as a way of congratulating you on your performance. 
  • Athlete Network Discount code: This code is for your network to use and receive a 10% Discount on all purchases through the website.  In addition you as the athlete will also earn 10% of the value of their purchases as online store credit to be used when you buy product. Gaining follower support will result in a net full product sponsorship.  
  • Product samples: Free samples of new products and before launch deals (there is some great new stuff on the way!)
  • Starter pack with a range of products and promotional kit and accessories, sent with your opening order. 
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