Keto Hydro & Enduro Plus

Keto Hydro & Enduro Plus


HydroPlus provides electrolytes and nutritional support for everyday activity and hydration. With the added benefits of BCAA’s , Glutamine, and protein making HydroPlus the standout zero carb hydration drink on the market.

Use HydroPlus daily to meet your electrolyte and mineral needs during adaptation and beyond as a daily supplement and low-intensity training.

1 scoop into 500 -750ml water provides a great tasting refreshing drink, in either Berry or Lemon-Lime flavour.



EnduroPlus is formulated for long days and hard racing. With a perfect balance of electrolytes, amino acids, and carbs you can power your way through the toughest days. 

Added 15g carbs per serve ensures there is small but constant to top up on glucose.  Even the most fat-adapted athletes use some glucose when it gets hard or long, keeping a small constant supply means you can keep using fat (ketones) as a primary but have good glucose stores for when it's needed. Taking on 15g per hour while active,  will not negatively affect your fat burning or keto state.

Use EnduroPlus to support your hydration and nutritional needs when you need it the most, and get the most out of your effort.

1 scoop into 500-750ml provides a great balance of nutrition and hydration with a subtle sweetness.



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