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Keto Nutrition

Ketone Urine Test Strips DNX (100’s)

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100 Ketone test strips with color code chart.

Urine test strips yield clear and accurate results in less than 30-40 seconds. Results can be interpreted using visual comparison of the reagent pads to the colour chart. Nutritional Ketosis is generally considered when ketones of 0.5 – 3 mmol is observed in urine.



  • Dip test patch of a fresh strip into urine sample or pass through urine stream, 1-2 seconds only.
  • Clear excess from test strip.
  • Results should be compared at 40 seconds after exposure to urine.
  • Low-carb dieters use these strips to monitor ketone output in urine which can be an indicator of diet success.
  • Contact your doctor if you have any questions about the results.