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Keto MiGone Migraine Relief (120 Caps)

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Did you know that Ketones can give you relief from migraines? And did you know you can get Ketones without being on any special diet? With Keto MiGone you can have all the benefits and relief that ketones offer, in a simple drink each day, and do the things you want to do!

Keto MiGone is an exogenous ketone supplement and electrolyte formulation.


Fast relief from Migraines – Relief starting at 15 minutes has been experienced in most cases.

– Non-drowsy formulation – Can be taken day or night
– Used daily to prevent the onset of headaches and migraines Non-stimulant
– No addiction or pharmaceutical drug side effects
– Easy and safe to use

The latest research establishing the amazing positive benefits of BHB Ketones (exogenous ketones) in the relief of migraines.

An increasing amount of evidence suggests that migraines are a response to a change in the energy deficiency or surge in energy or oxidative stress. Ketone Bodies are an alternative fuel source for the brain, and are thus likely able to circumvent some of the abnormalities in glucose metabolism and transport found in migraines. The ketogenic diet (KD), leads to the elevation of ketone bodies (KBs), by the reduction of carbohydrates in the diet to levels that leads to the production of ketone bodies. This has recently shown great promise in the prevention of migraines.

New research is showing that BHB Ketones are more than just metabolites but signaling molecules too. As such, they have the potential to positively influence other pathways believed to be part of migraine causing mechanisms. Namely: mitochondrial functioning, oxidative stress, cerebral excitability, inflammation and the gut microbiome. 


Keto MiGone is a Ketone supplement that allows you to get ketones into your system without going onto a ketogenic diet. This means you can get the benefit and relief of a strict Ketogenic in a fast and effective way. Reducing sugar and carbs from your diet will help and is highly recommended, but you can get benefits within 15 minutes of taking Keto MiGone without being on a keto diet.