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KetoScan Mini Breath Ketone Meter

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KETOSCAN is a FDA approved Breathalyzer device which enables you to monitor your Fat Metabolism and level of Ketosis while on a low carb, ketogenic or paleo diet.


Simply breathe out for 3 seconds

3 seconds is enough time to hack your metabolism. Take a deep breath then breathe into the KETOSCAN. It displays a result after blowing for just 3 seconds. A highly sensitive flow-rate sensor ensures accurate results by measuring precisely how much air is blown into KETOSCAN.

All-in-one smart KETOSCAN mobile app
No other diet apps are necessary to reach your fitness goals on a daily basis. Just blow into KETOSCAN, obtain your score, leave comments, track calories, and take photos of what you ate all in the app.
Save and recall your daily, weekly and monthly results on the app and it will help you plan your nutrition and fitness regime.

How to test?

KETOSCAN requires a steady 3 second breath sample to analyze your breath. Follow the instructions for accurate and consistent test results.

KETOSCAN Mini and the KETOSCAN mobile app which is available on both the App Store and Android Play Store connects perfectly with Bluetooth so if your exhaled breath is insufficient, the mobile app shows a message prompting for a re-test.

Share your level of Ketosis

If you are on a diet coaching or exercise program you can email your test result, body fat burning rate, foods and calories to your dietitian, personal trainer, doctor or health professional. Share your results and stay motivated with your Keto pals. The app displays weekly rankings between you and your friends.

Replace the sensor once per year

Sensor replacement and calibration service is required once per year and after 300 tests have been performed (Max.320 tests), sensor replacement and calibration is required.


Ketoscan Mini