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The Nootropic Multi Teal: Calm (45 Veg Caps)

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One of the things customers like the least about supplementation is taking a handful of capsules and tablets every morning. 

The Nootropic Multi was designed so as to simplify your life by creating an all-in-one supplement, concentrating the best brain and body nutrients into only 3 capsules. 


* Sleep
* Relaxation

* Pain
* Withdrawal


Although both the Teal and Purple nootropics contain the same basic formulation of 24 ingredients, we've added a lot more L-Carnosine to the Teal, which gives it a more calming effect than the Purple.

Found in high concentrations in your brain, heart and muscles, L-Carnosine is an antioxidant and heavy-metal scavenger which your body uses to repair tissue and clear away toxins.

L-Carnosine increases the energy output of the mitochondria (the energy production units of the cells).

It acts as a pH buffer in the body, thereby contributing to the acid-alkali balance of the muscles

It prevents and even reverses damage done by advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are created when sugars bind to amino acids, and can affect word recall, response time and cognition in general.

L-Carnosine slows down the rate of shortening of telomeres (the caps at the end of one's DNA strands which shorten after each cell replication). 

Researchers are currently exploring the use of L-Carnosine in those with epilepsy and even autism.


Although taken in the morning, the teal nootropic will give one a feeling of being calmly energized throughout the day, allowing for a restful sleep at night.


*Cognitive Enhancement
*Emotional Regulation

*Verbal Fluency
*Flow States
*Liver Detox (all 3 phases!)
*Heart Health (Co Q10)
*Lungs (N-acetylcysteine)
*Immune System (NAC, Zinc, Vit D3, Vit C, Selenium)


*Standalone nootropic which simultaneously enhances the effects of other nootropics. 

*This is not a herbal nootropic, nor is it a stimulant based nootropic, rather it is a combination of nutrients to feed your brain. It is made up of "endogenous" compounds, meaning compounds which are naturally found in the body. This in itself makes The Nootropic Multi unique.

*Most natural nootropic complexes are a combination of choline, herbs or mushrooms; and oftentimes have added caffeine. The Nootropic Multi has none of these ingredients.  (In our experience, supplemental choline can be triggering to certain individuals.)

*Contains the novel combination of N-acetylcysteine, Agmatine, Glucuronolactone and Folate.


In addition to what is in the multivitamin, it’s important what we’ve left out. We’ve specifically excluded certain nutrients commonly added to multivitamins, as they can be detrimental to some individuals when given in excess:

*No vitamin A or Beta Carotene
*No iron
*No iodine
*No vitamin K
*No calcium
*Low dose B complex

Multivitamin manufacturers would never use 220 mg of zinc (20x the Daily Value) as this would lead to side effects, so why are so many manufacturers adding 20x (or more) of the Daily Value of certain B vitamins? We believe that a low dose B-complex approach is more moderate, and therefore more in alignment with nature.



We've heard people say...

- “I feel more awake.”
- “I’m more present.”

- “I feel ‘switched on.' “
- “My thinking is clearer.”
- “It feel more grounded, more confident.”
- “I find it easier to find my words and express myself.”
- “I feel normal, for the first time.”
- “I have more focus at work.”
- “I’m a lot calmer.”
- “I’ve become friendlier.”
- “I feel more connected, to myself and to others.”
- “I've become more creative.”
- “It has a definite spiritual benefit.”
- “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when I stop using it I feel ‘off’ and when I continue with it I feel right again."
- “This gets me out of being overwhelmed by my emotions, and from being stuck in the noise in my head.”
- “This is something special.”